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Callum R
Guitar teacher in Newcastle

Callum Rowland is a 28-year-old Singer-Songwriter, Blues/Pop musician, and recording artist from the Central Coast of NSW, Australia. Callum has been singing and playing guitar and multiple instruments since the age of 13. Bursting onto the pub scene at the age of 17, Callum found his first true love, performing live music for everyone of all ages. Callum began playing deeper and more meaningful shows at the age of 21 and supported some amazing names across NSW such as; Triple J’s Sweetheart “ LANKS, Maxi Priest, Dean Ray, Pete Murray and many more artists. Through this, Callum Callum released his first-ever debut single “ Solo “ at the age of 22, and went on to perform at some of Newcastle and Sydney’s infamous venues before releasing his most successful single “ Fly Away “ which nearly reached 60K listens. 2019 brought with it Callum’s recent move to Newcastle’s inner east, which allowed him to show off his Blues trio and frenzied guitar playing in some of Newcastle’s infamous venues. Performing at the best venues Newcastle has to offer; The Cambridge, Lizottes, The Small Ballroom, and many more. Callum has a fiery passion for showing his deep love for music onstage, constantly switching between his beloved PRS Silver Sky and his signature acoustic sound. Callum draws in audiences with husky, warm vocals, and his unparalleled guitar licks. His Spotify has racked up thousands of hits,  and Callum is set to release his highly anticipated 2023 E.P....... who knows what heights this will rocket Callum to.

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