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Kaz is a seasoned professional guitarist singer songwriter.

Waratah Guitar Teacher

Karen ( Kaz) began performing live, at age 17. That is over 40 years experience.

Karen plays Guitar, Piano Accordion and Vocals on a professional level.

She is a qualified teacher, and has a talent for assessing the students interests and learning needs.

Karen studied Classical Guitar, Vocal Studies, Music Theory, Music Education, Sightreading and Sightsinging with the Charles Darwin University, School of Music and the Flinders St, School of Music, Adelaide.

Karen plays all styles of music, including classical, rock, jazz, Latin.

Karen is a qualified High School teacher who regularly teaches in the Music Department.

She loves to share her musical knowledge and has bountiful patience for the beginner musician.

She has taught regularly within Infant, Primary and High Schools in NSW.

She is a mother, and understands childhood & adolescent learner development.

Karen has travelled Australia working in Regional and Remote locations as a Literacy & Numeracy Training and Development Officer.

Learning music can play an important role in improving a learners’ literacy & numeracy outcomes, for learners of all ages.

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