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Mil is an experienced music tutor with a passionate interest in Music Therapy

Broadmeadow Piano Teacher

Mil has completed a Bachelor of Music at the University of Newcastle and is currently finishing a Master’s of Creative Music Therapy. She has experience teaching music to all ages from daycare to aged care settings as part of her three years of Work placement. Piano is her main instrument and have played it since the age of 8 years old. She's done busking, performed live, been in bands, with piano, vocals and even saxophone (including recording in a studio).

She also loves playing guitar and she loves creating music in the genre of electronic music such as EDM, house, future bass etc. She's very passionate about the digital audio workstation like garage band, Logic Pro and currently learning Ableton Live. Remixing songs, creating her own beats and melodies, recording etc.


She's a step mother who understands about childhood. Not only that her master’s degree teaches all the psychology and development in infant to elderly. She's done 2 and a half years  of Work-placement as a student for registered music therapists (RMT) who uses music to help people with disabilities, mental health, etc.


Her goal is to make any sessions fun, interactive, have challenges and what the person wants to achieve. 

Mil has a cheerful personality making her lessons enjoyable for students.

She is qualified in AMEB classical 8th grade for piano and also teaches guitar and music production.

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