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Darcy Guitar teacher in Newcastle

 I started my music journey at a young age, beginning with drums and percussion and shortly after picking up the guitar.  Since moving to Newcastle I have enjoyed playing in local bands, playing mostly indie and surf-styled rock, while always trying to hold onto an authentic vintage sound. I have always enjoyed classic rock and folk and often draw inspiration from the likes of Dylan and the Stones who have always held a place in my taste and style. While specialising mainly in guitar, drums and bass I have always enjoyed branching out and learning new and fun instruments such as piano and harmonica. When it comes to teaching I always use positive encouragement to ensure that my students push themselves when learning new skills and techniques, while making sure that they are always enjoying themselves while playing at whatever skill, style or genre they are comfortable with. I've always been very passionate about teaching music and ensuring that the next generation of artists are ready to sound great and have as much fun as they can along the way.

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