Multi-instrumentalist who teaches Guitar, Bass, Ukulele, Drums, Keyboard & Vocals

Newcastle Guitar Teacher

Jackson has been playing guitar and singing since he was ten years old. He has learned the drums,

keyboards, ukulele etc throughout high school –  playing in bands up and down

the east coast of Australia, visiting and recording several studios producing albums

through record labels and royalty contracts for release and collaboration.


He is currently enrolled in a Diploma of Music

Technology with a focus towards audio engineering and working as an Audio/Visual

Technician, while playing guitar and singing vocals in a very cool alt-rock band on the side.

With all of this, my focus on teaching music comes from a ground up understanding of the

use and emphasis on playing and importantly hearing ‘by ear’, using tablature, theory and

practice as a guide to understand, communicate and make sense of the music you’re

hearing, or playing - likewise the importance of creativity, enjoyment in playing and the

therapeutic benefits accompanied with the fun of music.